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Hi there my name is Tom and my wife of ten years is called Ann, we have a lovely home, no kids but have an enjoyable sex life or so I thought. This story is about how I found out my wife was a cock hungry slut.

Ann works for a legal firm and is very good, this has allowed her to progress quickly and her next step was to become a partner. This however can take some time and demands patience something my wife has little off.

She was a very young thirty five years old who had a killer body, and I had often caught many guys ogling her and even a few who had required to adjust their rapidly stiffening cocks as a result. This was as far as it went or at least I thought so until that fateful night.

Our sex life as I said was okay, well we had sex at least twice a week and that satisfied us both, but when I found out why I was gobsmacked. We had been at a party which her office was holding and as the night drew on I had watched several guys grab her ass and brush deliberately against her breasts all of which I let go as my own cock was getting stiff at the thought of what I had and they wanted.

As the night went on I began to think what it might be like if she was to have sex with another man, but almost instantly dismissed it as a stupid thought no way would my wife do anything like that. The remainder of the night was spent mixing with the guests until it was time to go home. As the weeks and months passed I began to fantasise more and more about her taking another man to bed but daren’t discuss it with Ann for fear of reprisals.

For several weeks Ann had been working late for several nights a week, and it was these that began to make me suspicious. I had no idea what was going on but it just didn’t seem right and was beginning to annoy and frustrate me. One Friday night in particular I got a phone call from Ann to say she would be late again and not to worry she’d pick up a carry out meal on her way home. I decided to surprise her by driving there to collect her. I arrived at the offices to find the front in darkness and locked up. I had a quick wander around the side and found the back gate locked also, but just as I was about to leave thinking I had missed her I saw a light come on in one of the offices just past the gates.

I still don’t know to this day what made me climb the banking over the fence and down into the car park but boy am I glad I did. It has given me so much wanking material I am now a confirmed three times a day wanker and a proper secret cuckold to boot. As I walked across the park I could see the blinds had been drawn and when I approached there was a gap at one corner beside some large rhododendron bushes. I pushed my way into the bushes and peered into the office, what I saw made me gasp.

Inside was my wife and a man, I recognised as her associate Paul, he was running his hands up her silk stockings, and pushing them into her panties. Instead of pushing him away she opened her legs further and allowed him access to slip a couple of them into her cunt. After several minutes of being finger fucked she knelt on the floor, opened his trousers, fished around inside and pulled out then took his stiff cock into her warm willing mouth. Soon her head was bobbing up and down on his stiff cock. Their moans of pleasure although muffled could still be heard clearly. I looked dup and noticed the small window at the top was cracked ajar slightly. I smiled to myself before taking my own cock out and beginning to wank myself at the sight before me. All my fantasies were coming true right in front of me; I just didn’t want them to stop.

Ann was now sucking him deep into her throat until I could only see his balls nestle against her chin, droplets of saliva and what I could only assume was his pre-cum oozed out of the sides of her mouth. Then suddenly Paul spoke to her quietly and she knelt on the carpet on all fours, He positioned himself behind her and began to feed his cock into her dripping wet gash. Her moans drifted out;

“Oooooh Yessssss!..Fill my fucking slutty cunt Paul with your big thick cock… Make me your slut!”

I had never heard my wife talk dirty before and it was such a turn on. Paul began to hammer away at her cunt mercilessly all the time telling her she was his bitch, a slut and a cheap whore. The more filthy the language the more my wife seemed to enjoy it. I made a mental note to ensure I started using dirty talk during sex.

Ann then told Paul to lie on the desk, she then mounted his fully erect cock and rode him like a horse, bouncing around as he mauled at her tits calling her even more filthy names;

“You filthy little cock hungry slut…when I’m finished with you your cunt will be no use to that wimp of a husband… it’ll be all mine you cheap whore!” Anne just laughed and told him to;

“Shut the fuck up stud and fill my belly with your thick juicy cum!”

They both fucked like dogs until they eventually came together and collapsed on top of the desk. I shot my load over the bushes and decided to make myself scarce. I drove home and waited on her return, I never mentioned her lies when she said she had lots more work to do and would have to work late the following Friday as well. Instead I made a plan to go and watch again.

The following Friday found me in my voyeuristic position again, with a pair of jogging bottoms on this time to allow me easy access to what would surely be my rock hard cock sooner rather than later. I had bought some delay cream and applied a good dollop to both my balls and my cock to ensure I would last, as I had refrained from sex and wanking for the whole week.

When her phone call confirming her late dalliance again had came though I was already outside her building watching the last of the staff leave. My heart sank when I saw Paul leave as well and thought for a minute she wasn’t going to be with him or anyone to that matter. But when the lights all went out the cleaner left and the guards locked up the gates while I watched I wondered where she was and who was she with.

Once again I crept up the banking, over the fence and down the banking into the car park. No lights!

Where the fuck was she? I wondered. I was about to leave when a light came on in one of the upstairs offices. I saw her pull the curtains closed and panicked! How the fuck was I going to watch her with her lover tonight? I quickly returned the way I had entered and scanned the rest of the outside of the building. I found a side door on the opposite side of the building that was held open by a brick which had been placed there by someone. I pushed the door gently and it opened quietly, so I stepped inside and waited till my eyes became accustomed to the light. I could just make out a dim light coming from below a door at the top of the stairs so I crept towards it. Once there I pulled the door open and discovered a corridor, which was lit by some emergency lighting.

I walked along holding my breath in case someone came. I figured I was running parallel to the office I had seen my wife in. Just as I was about to move off again I heard her voice, muffled but definitely hers;

“You must think I’m an easy lay Mr Hunt!…If you want me as a partner you’ll have to show me what’s on offer now won’t you!”

“You’re so right you little minx!..I will show you right now!” I heard an older man’s voice laughingly reply.

I walked towards the sound and found the office from the light escaping below the door, the door was closed but was the kind that had a window above the door, I looked around and found a chair to stand on and climbed up on top of it. I pried open the slatted glass a little as it was dust covered and could see right into the office. I positioned myself far enough back and to one side so I couldn’t be seen and waited.

My wife was sat on the edge of the large leather topped desk, her legs swinging loosely at one side. Her boss Mr Hunt was stood next to her his hand tracing the leg of her stocking clad right thigh. From where I stood I could clearly see the damp spot on her silk knickers beneath the very short mini skirt she was wearing.

Then Ann spoke “Well David, shall we commence with my suitability interview?” as she leant forward and gave him a view of her breasts inside her blouse that had been opened enough to allow a good view of her firm but large tits.

“I think we should be able to find you more than a suitable candidate for full partnership Ann if what I hear from Paul is true!” I knew then he was going to get exactly what I hoped he was going to get.

My cock was getting harder by the second as the old lecherous devil openly ogled my wife’s tits inside her blouse. “What a fine front you put on Ann” he said. Before placing both hands on them and squeezing them firmly. “And as firm as I suspected!” he laughed.

David started to slide his hands all over her body and kissed her on the lips hard. “MMMmmmm!” I heard my wife moan.

David must have whispered something to her as she opened her blouse and removed the black lacy bra to allow him full access to her tits. Then she stood up and slipped off her skirt to reveal a matching pair of black lacy knickers, black frilly suspender belt and her soft milky white thighs just complemented the outfit. I could see David’s cock get harder by the second pushing against the soft trouser material. He reached down and gave his cock a rub through them, as he did I gave my own cock a firm squeeze to stop myself Cumming already.

David stood in front of her admiring the view, my own cock rock hard pulsating and throbbing it was sticking out like a tent pole. The old partner who must have been at least sixty was a lecherous old sod I thought as he took in my wife’s charms. His podgy hands began to run themselves over her pert tits, flicking and pinching at her nipples. They weren’t saying much now as action was definitely speaking louder than words. Their mouths joined together in a deep passionate kiss, as David’s hands pawed at her tits almost pulling and pushing them off her chest. He broke from kissing her mouth to kiss and nibble at her neck, her ears then back to her lips. He definitely knew what he was doing despite being older and a little podgy; he knew what buttons to press. Her own fingers were furiously playing with her own pussy through the material of her panties. Then she moved her legs further apart, and slipped her fingers inside the material and I could see her fingers slide easily into her sopping wet gash.

“Time to get him out my little slut!” David grunted.

Ann wasted no time, she removed her fingers from inside her cunt, licked them clean before pulling and sliding his zipper down to release her prize. I felt my eyes bulge as she released the biggest cock I had ever seen. For an old guy he had a massive weapon on him, thick as a coke can and twice as long as my five inch tiddler he dwarfed my family jewels, his huge balls almost fell out of his trousers to hang heavily on the outside of his open flies

“Oh My Mr Hunt!… what a beauty a real pussy pleaser!” she moaned, her fingers wrapped barely half way around the girth flying up and down the thick shaft. His hands folded into her hair and she moved off the desk onto her knees as he forced her mouth down onto the thick bulbous tip.

“Go on bitch take me in your mouth and pleasure me!” he grunted. Anne obeyed immediately and opened her mouth wide to slide his cock deep inside her mouth. I couldn’t believe how much she took in one swallow; it made me suspicious of how many cocks she had indeed swallowed without my knowledge. I could feel my own cock throb almost constantly at this glorious sight before me. My slut of a wife was doing her boss like a real pro and I was getting to watch, god does it get any better? Well it did.

David was by now fucking my wife’s throat with abandon, earnestly giving her a proper face fucking. He would ram it down her throat making her make gurgling sounds before sliding almost all the way out then ramming it back down her throat making her eyes bulge and her mouth emit spittle that flew out rapidly. Ann for her part was gently squeezing his balls with each thrust or teasingly tickling or tugging on them.

Several more minutes of this facial abuse continued until David spoke to her again, She stood up and he moved his mouth to her tits biting and sucking hard on her swollen nipples making her cry out;

“Aaaaargh…God yes!…I love it…bite them… suck them hard baby!” she grunted. Her hand had a hold of his stiff cock again and was rubbing it furiously as he devoured her tits and rubbed at her pussy at the same time. I knew things were getting hotter and my own right hand was flying up and down my own shaft as I watched my slut wife pleasuring this old man, even if it was her boss it was awesome for me.

His mouth went between each breast, sucking then biting on each nipple in turn, slurping loudly, making my wife like a bitch in heat with her cries of encouragement. His fingers had now found the way inside her panties and he was frantically stuffing three of his fat podgy fingers into her cunt with abandon. Her knickers had been pulled to the side and her shaven cunt was glistening with love juice. So hard was he finger fucking her she was being lifted up onto tiptoe as he thrust into her cunt with those fat fingers.

His hand suddenly left her cunt and he grabbed her ass, his hands mauling her ass cheeks, he was truly rampant like a wild bull now as he pleasured himself with my wife’s body. Her ass cheeks being pulled and squeezed apart then together as his fat finger flicked her tight little ass bud. He was enjoying himself and intended to do so as long as possible that was obvious.

Then his middle finger pushed against her stretched wide bud and disappeared inside her anus. Ann’s eyes closed she bit her lovers shoulder and wriggled her ass to get more of his finger inside her. “That’s it Baby finger my ass…I love my ass being finger fucked…do my ass baby do it now!”

David laughed and said “I intend to have your ass later bitch but there is another hole that needs feeding right now!” and he flipped her up onto the desktop again. Her head and shoulders laid out atop the desk her long legs dangling over the side, her knickers soaking wet never moved and I saw her pussy glistening with juices, her puffy lips splayed open from the hard finger fucking she had received from him. Then it began to happen, for the second time in just over a week I was going to see another man fuck my wife.

He lifted her right leg up onto his shoulders, her left he held in the crook of his left arm and used his right to place his cockhead against her gaping cunt hole. Ann’s hands were splayed out each side of her naked body gripping the edge of the desk as if preparing what was about to happen. As he slid his length fully inside her cunt in one swift lunge I knew then it wasn’t the first time she had experienced such a monster. Very soon he was pounding my wife’s cunt in earnest. Anne for her part was meeting each thrust by thrusting her ass up to meet his inward thrust. Making loud wet sloppy sex sounds to join in with the filth they were by now both spouting:

“You fucking little tart…take all of my cock like the slut you are bitch!”

“Come on old man is that the best you can do with that cock… fuck me like a whore you bastard!”…”make my cunt yours…fill my belly with your hot cum you big cocked fucker!”

David was hammering my wife’s cunt, my own cock erupted for a second time and sprayed my cum on the door in front of me. I used my t-shirt to wipe the mess away as the two lovers continued inside the office, oblivious to my presence.

David was sliding his fingers into her cunt at the same time and was smearing her anus with their combined juices on each outward pull. Ann’s mouth was hanging open her breathing rapid, her head was flopping from side to side as her tits swung around as if on some sort of pivot, as David mercilessly pounded her cunt into submission. Then he lent down whispered something into her ear and she nodded in the affirmative before he eased up and pulled his juice covered cock out of her cunt.

He held his own cock in his hand as Anne turned over and bent over the desk, with her ass stuck up in the air. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and placed his cockhead at her anus.’ For fucks sake!’ I realised he was going to ass fuck her, something she wouldn’t even discuss at home with me. He pushed hard and several inches of his cock slipped into her asshole. Several more attempts saw more and more of his cock disappear inside my wife’s asshole. David was using one hand to hold her ass cheeks apart while using his other hand to guide his huge cock into her anus. Ann was groaning and grunting like a stuck pig;

“Ooooph Gawwwd fuck to big!…Don’t stop…Oh my fuckin ass!… fuck it hurts you fucker!”…”Don’t you dare stop I want all that cock in my ass you fucker!” she cried out! Moments later he was fully in, he held it inside her for a while allowing her ass to become used to his size. “Fuck me you cunt…fuck my ass!” she pleaded.

This was going to give me fantasies for life I thought as my cock spurted another load only this time it dribbled out and own onto the hall carpet, it was red swollen and aching with my wanking it but still it refused to subside in size. I couldn’t believe how long and hard I was still despite having cum three times already.

Here was my well to do wife being ass fucked over her bosses desk, David was ramming into her ass and was almost stood on tip toe to ensure he had every last millimetre inside her ass. Ann was gasping and David was moaning as the inevitable end drew nearer with each hard thrust. His hands once again found my wife’s swinging tits and began mauling them in earnest again. He pulled, squeezed, twisted and tugged on them like a man demented. Her nipples came in for special attention as he neared his orgasm, stretching them agonisingly hard between finger and thumb.

My wife bucked underneath him and I knew she had cum again, David lunged defiantly behind her into her asshole determined to make his thrusts last as long as possible. Then he went rigid holding his cock deep inside my wife’s asshole and I saw him shove each time he shot a stream of cum into her bowels. I chose then to remove myself and return home to await my slut of a wife; I knew one thing she was getting my cock up her ass tonight no ways any different.

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