Club stripper wife puts joy in her husband’s heart

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When we first got married, in 1996, my wife, Mary, was quite conservative. She didn’t even own a 2-piece swimming suit and would never consider going out in public braless.

We’d been married for 3 or 4 years when it suddenly dawned on me that the thought of people seeing Mary partly or totally nude really turned me on. At that moment, I started on my, still ongoing, project to make her into an exhibitionist.

As part of my project I suggested that Mary take a pole dancing class, and she quickly agreed. There were 2 main reasons for her taking the class. First, she thought it would be fun and good exercise. Second, the students would have the opportunity to perform a recital at a small, local, open to the public, strip club. Since I love for her to show off in public, this seemed like a great, safe way to do it and not get arrested!!

The class went well and Mary had a great time. There were around 25 students, off and on, in the class. At 42 she was the oldest student in the class. As the class got nearer to the end the date for the recital was set. We spent a lot of time picking an outfit and songs and rehearsing and I took her to several strip clubs so she could see the “real deal”.

The students were to dance to 2 songs that they would pick and provide to the DJ, at the club. The students could wear whatever they wanted but had to keep something on the bottom. They were not required to go topless, unless they wanted to.

For Mary’s outfit, we chose a very sexy black bra, sheer panties, black thigh high stockings and, of course, 4.0″ stripper heels. The thong panties were very sheer and since

Mary is a natural redhead with a nice curvy figure. At the time she took the class she had 36D boobs with pierced nipples, that none of her class mates knew were pierced, until the night of the recital. Mary keeps her vagina shaved smooth and her outer lips and the jewelry in her pierced clit hood were plainly visible thru the sheer material of her panties.

When we got to the club, on the night of the recital, it was absolutely packed and standing room only. The instructor took Mary back into the dressing room to change with the other students.

There were about 16 students participating in the evening recital. The first 3 didn’t remove their tops and wore normal workout clothes. The 4th. one had a school girl outfit and did take her top off to thunderous applause.

Mary was scheduled to go on 8th and went back stage during #7’s performance to get ready. At that point only 2 of the women had removed their tops. Mary was terrified and really excited. I was also very excited at the prospect of all these people seeing my wife mostly nude. My friend Carl was there with us for Mary’s topless dancing debut.

When Mary’s first song started, she came out in just her bra and panties and the place went wild. She was a little stiff, at first, but quickly warmed up and started to really get into it. Most of the people sitting at the rail were the other students so she had a lot of fun interacting with them. I was standing behind the rail with a giant grin and a bulge in my pants.

When Mary’s second song started she teased the crowd by quickly pulling her bra cups down and flashing her breasts before covering them back up. To the deafening chants of “take it off” she made a production of removing her bra and throwing it to me. The crowd got even louder, especially the other students as they could now see she had pierced nipples.

As I stood there watching my lovely wife dancing mostly nude for two hundred screaming people, her large 36D breasts swaying as she gyrated with the music, I was very proud of her for having the guts to do it and very, VERY turned on. She made $49.00 in tips for the 2 songs and was just thrilled. When she came out of the back room I gave her a Martini which she downed in one gulp…that was the first drink she’d had…she’d danced stone cold sober.

The instructor had also had 2 photographers there to take pictures of the students while they danced, if they wished. The stage had mirrors on the walls, like just about every strip club on Earth, and the expressions on the faces in the crowd, reflected in the mirrors is just priceless. She had such a good time that she immediately signed up for the stripper 201 class and the opportunity to do another recital. But that’s another story.

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